We are a community of faith-filled people that care about helping each other.

We are inter-denominational.  You are welcome no matter what faith tradition you identify with.

Our sessions are designed to help jobseekers get to a good place where they feel good about themselves spiritually and emotionally.

  • Spiritual support: Job loss can be a difficult time for people’s faith, and our faith-based weekly meetings can provide a supportive environment where you can talk about your struggles and find strength and encouragement in your faith.
  • Emotional support: These Faith-based meetings can provide emotional support if you’re feeling lost, discouraged, or alone. We offer a sense of community and belonging; you can find hope and strength during this difficult time.

Our weekly gatherings are informal and welcoming.  Every member of the Support Team has been where you are and are sensitive to the issues you may have weighing on you.

  • Opening: Each session begins with a time of reflection. This is time for you to listen to a scripture passage, or  simply take some time to be quiet and listen to God.
  • Discussion: Following the reflection we talk about the scripture passage that was read, share how it may relate to our personal experiences, or brainstorm ideas for how to apply the passage to our search efforts
  • What You Need This Week: What kind of help do you need NOW?  Resume Assistance? Networking help?  Career Focus?
    This segment is intended to give you specific help to enable you move ahead in your job search activity this week.
  • Prayer: We conclude each session with a time of prayer, where we pray for each other, ask for guidance, or simply thank God for our time together.

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