The Franciscan way of life is centered on a deep love for God and creation, community, service, simplicity, peace and justice, and care for creation. Franciscans strive to follow the example of Jesus Christ and to live in accordance with the Gospel values.

Franciscans believe that community is essential for Christian living. They live in fraternities and sororities, and they support each other in their spiritual journey. Franciscans are committed to serving others, especially the poor and marginalized. They work in a variety of ministries, including education, healthcare, social service, peace and justice, and environmental protection.

Franciscans believe in living a simple life. They avoid materialism and consumerism, and they focus on the things that are truly important, such as relationships and spiritual growth. Franciscans are committed to promoting peace and justice in the world. They work to address the root causes of poverty, inequality, and violence. Franciscans believe that we have a responsibility to care for the Earth. They work to protect the environment and promote sustainable living.

The Franciscan Order

The Franciscan Order is divided into three branches: the First Order (Friars Minor), the Second Order (Poor Clares), and the Third Order (Franciscan Seculars). There is also a Third Order Regular, which is made up of religious communities of men and women who live in accordance with the Franciscan Rule of Life.

Franciscan Institutions

There are many Franciscan institutions around the world, including schools, hospitals, social service organizations, peace and justice organizations, and environmental organizations. These institutions are all dedicated to carrying out the Franciscan mission of serving others and promoting peace and justice in the world.

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