The Franciscan Center Main Building is a two-story, air conditioned structure, with elevator, which houses:

  • A Conference Room, which can accommodate up to 100 participants theater style. A/V equipment and WiFi access are available.
  • 41 Bedrooms with private baths (23 double rooms and 18 single rooms). Bath and bed linens are provided.  Handicapped accessible accommodations are available.
  • A Dining Room overlooking the Center grounds and the river accommodates up to 80 people.
  • A Fully Staffed Kitchen which provides three professionally prepared meals a day. The chef and staff  work with groups to provide menu choices and dietary requests. Coffee and tea are provided throughout the day and evening. Due to environmental considerations, we do not offer bottled water. The mission statement of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany states, “Our Mission impels us as members of the global community to care for God’s earth and its resources.”  However, groups are welcome to bring their own bottled water, as well  snacks and other beverages.  Recycling bins are provided.
  • A Chapel for interdenominational services plus a smaller chapel, the Cave, located on the second floor for meditation.
  • Fees are  based on use of facility and group needs. Contact the Center for more information. 

Three other buildings share the Franciscan Center Property:

  • Sabbath House, a separate, home-like building with indoor and outdoor meeting space which is also available for up to 22 participants and is ideal for executive planning sessions, board retreats, private retreats, and other meetings. There are two bedrooms that may be used by guests as well as a limited kitchen efficiency.
  • St. Elizabeth Convent, a retirement community for the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.
  • The Sister’s House, a private residence for staff.

Other Features at the Franciscan Center:

  • A Labyrinth (Chartres Design) which is a tool for reflection and meditation
  • A Pavilion – an open air covered structure which is located next to the river and can accommodate 40-50 chairs for a group setting
  • Parking Lot adjacent to the main building is available for overnight stays.
  • Manicured Lawns with paths and benches which can be used for peaceful walks or private meditation.
  • A Screened Porch for reading, discussion, or resting.

*Prices may vary according to group needs…

For Reservations Please Contact:
Christina Strain at the Franciscan Center
3010 N. Perry Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33603
Phone (813) 229-2695/Ext. 22 – Fax: (813) 228-0748