We respect and protect your privacy.

For this reason, we have a registration process that makes ssure that spanners, scammers, and other individuals and companies do not get into this group.

We will post information about special hiring events and job fairs.

We WILL NOT post any jobs that do not have a SALARY.  There are loads of “MLM” and “Commission Only”  jobs that we will NEVER post.  You are worth a decent wage, and this is our commitment to you.

Likewise we patrol the group to ensure you only get “JOB RELATED” messages.

The EAM private email group is a great place for you to reach out for advice, leads, and experiences of other group members.

You can do a group ASK for

  • information about companies you may interested you
  • or any other kind of information, concern or need that will help you in your search

The only members in this group are current and past members of the group.  They have tons of experience with area employers, and can provide you great advice and tips to help you in your search

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