Q:  Do I have to be a Christian to attend?  (or connected to a Church?)

A:  NO.  All are welcome, regardless of your faith tradition, or religious affiliation.

Q:  Do the meetings list available jobs that I can pick from?

A:  NO.  HOWEVER our members receive exclusive postings of jobs via a PRIVATE email group that only REGISTERED members have access to.
(Many of these jobs come from the “hidden job market”)

Q:  What do I need to bring with me when I attend?

A: You are REQUIRED to bring with you:

  •  an open mind to learning and adapting to today’s job market
  • a willingness to do the work that it takes for a successful job search
  • faith, that your Creator only wants good things for you, and loves you

Q:  Will you write my resume for me?

A:  NO, but we’ll do a resume review and show you (and help you) to make YOURS work for you.  We provide resume help, and career counseling for FREE to our members.

Q:  Do I have to attend every week?

A:  NO.  You’ll want to be interviewing and actively networking, and these SHOULD ALWAYS take precedence over the Thursday group meeting.

We encourage weekly attendance because if you have an upcoming interview, we can prepare you for it

BUT, if you’re NOT going to an interview, or a networking meeting, you’ll want to be here, because we provide the BEST way for you to shorten the amount of time you are out of work.


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