Art by Jose Tornes

Oil on canvas (22″ by 30″ approx.)

Seldom available in the United States, six paintings by the acclaimed Cuban artist, Jose Carlos Jerez Tornes are on display at the Franciscan Center and offered for purchase by silent auction through March, 2020.

art by Jose Torres

Oil on canvas (12″ by 20″ approx.)

The six paintings are oil on canvas and range in size from 20 by 12 to 22 by 30 inches. Subjects include colorful rural Cuban scenes: horses galloping, a vibrant rooster, a flowering tropical tree, a young girl by a window. All of the paintings have been legally imported from Cuba by Jose Remon of the Tampa Bay area. Remon is a long-time sponsor of Tornes.

The artist was born in Manzanillo, Cuba on June 23, 1987. He studied painting and drawing at the Professional Academy of Plastic Arts “Carlos Enriquez Gomez” of Manzanillo from 2002 to 2006. His career was interrupted by an 18-month period of “Mandatory Military Service” after which he resumed his artistic endeavors as an Instructor Professor at La Casa Cultura de Manzanillo in Cuba.

Jose Remon supports the painter by supplying him with paint, canvas and wood for frames. Due to government restrictions, these items are very difficult to obtain in Cuba. Remon is

careful to follow all the proper channels in bringing the artwork to the United States. He then donates them as fundraisers for various non-profits, including the Franciscan Center. Due to his efforts and those of other sponsors, Tornes’ work can be found internationally in over seven countries.


art by Jose Tornes

Oil on canvas (12″ by 20″ approx.)


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