Baye Perry
Hospitality Specialist

Bayé Perry is an award-winning hospitality executive who drives superior results from concept formation through significant rapid growth as the top level operator. A savvy operations strategist and visionary experience cultivator, he has spearheaded and managed industry-leading gastropubs, farm-to-table restaurants, and craft breweries/brewpubs. He has helped launch several top boutique and high-volume bars, and other high-performance food & beverage/entertainment venues.

Before coming to the Franciscan Center, Bayé was the General Manager for several Tampa Bay entities and was instrumental in transforming fledgling start-up businesses into multi-million dollar enterprises. He has led the operations, growth, and market prestige efforts throughout the entire lifecycle of nationally recognized Cigar City Brewpub, Brew Hub, Datz Restaurant, and numerous Front Street Ventures projects.

A true renaissance man, Bayé is a graduate of Bowling Green State University, a Cicerone certified craft beer expert, and a musician with a pulse on composing and realizing the creative.